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The Xenomorph Warrior's Clan is a clan on Aliens VS Predator (2010) of only the best Xenomorph Players. The clan was founded on the 8th July 2017 and is run by Online R3tard. The clan is well known throughout the AVP 2010 steam version as having the best of the best Alien players. The clan has a steam group and a Discord server which is used for announcements, chats, memes, art, inviting people into the clan, competitions and more. Though only members of the clan are invited to the discord so to get an invite, you need to Join the clan by messaging Online R3tard or by PMing him on YouTube at we await more members.

The clan is based off of a clan on the PS3 and XBOX versions called "The Hive" Clan. The Hive Clan are an AVP (2010) clan and are well renowned for having some of the best AVP players in history. They have years of reputation that they have managed to keep up for a long time and have had players that are god level almost. Online R3tard was a member of the clan years ago but was only a lower member. He never got the skill to rank up in their clan and ended up not playing the game for years forgetting that he was still a part of the clan. He was in many other clans too but ended up getting removed for one reason or another. Online almost made the clan as a tribute and to try and bring some reputation to not only himself but the members of the clan. Online purposely decided to get some of the best Alien players on the steam version of the game in an attempt to make one clan of nothing but the best. It turns out many people don't care about being a part of a clan, are already in clans or don't bother with the rules of the clan so it ended up quite small in size.

The Forums are Maintained by Online R3tard so if you need anything just ask.

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